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The Rape of East Vincent Township

The zoning petition now before the Planning Commission represents one of the most egregious attempts by a landowner to flaunt against the will of the residents of East Vincent in her long history. Seemingly without faith in the EVT Zoning … Continue reading

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Editorial on Transfer Development Rights

Since 2009, East Vincent has protected lands valued at $6+ million in Transfer Development Rights (TDRs). The township is currently holding the TDRs. Using them judiciously can lead to the further preservation of lands in the Agricultural Zone (AP) and … Continue reading

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Results of Jones Motor Hearing

At the End of the Day in East Vincent The evening was pleasant; the oppressive humidity was absent and the night’s temperature comfortable. As I drove into the parking area at the Township Building, I was buoyed seeing a lack … Continue reading

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Jones Motor Amendment Hearing

At the June Board of Supervisors meeting, among many agenda items, the Jones Motor property zoning petition was discussed. The Board, being advised that the final petition had been submitted to Chester County as required by the MPC, scheduled a … Continue reading

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