Pennhurst Amendment

Zoning Ordinance Amendment
For Pennhurst Acquisitions, LP (aka Pennhurst)

East Vincent Township is about to give away it’s zoning controls and oversight over the Pennhurst property.


This proposed zoning gives Pennhurst just about every possible use for the property as a Use by Right.

The township exercises zoning control through 3 mechanisms:

  • Use by Right – property owner can develop as he wishes without township oversight
  • Use by Conditional Use – the township supervisors must allow the use if all “conditions” set forth in the Zoning Ordinance are satisfied
  • Special Exception – the zoning hearing board must allow the use if all “conditions set forth in the Zoning Ordinance are satisfied

The way the proposed uses are organized on the site minimizes controls.

For Example:

• Under the original zoning for the site the compost use had a minimum of 50 acres, specific controls, and hours of operation listed. Now in the proposed zoning composting is a use by right with no minimum acreage, controls, or times of operation.

• The sole building currently legally used as a haunted attraction can be expanded to as many buildings as they want and expanded to a year-round Amusement Park Facility as a use by right without any controls.

Currently the roads to handle traffic levels for the current uses of composting and the haunted attraction are inadequate. Pennhurst has a current recreation use (one building by court order). As Pennhurst expands the “Amusement Park” it will not be subject to any traffic evaluation or Master Plan, even though the area is the largest parcel shown on the map (34 acres).

Attend the Board of Supervisors meeting on Wednesday, May 2, @ 7:30PM
Don’t let them give away the township’s ability to exercise control over zoning.

Please urge the Supervisors to revise this ordinance so that it protects our residents first and preserves the quality of life in East Vincent Township.

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