Park, Recreation and Open Space Plan

The Federation of Northern Chester County Communities (the Federation) voted on June 12 to continue to work on the necessary planning required to select the final 2 sites for a sports complex in the 9 communities of the Northern Federation (East Coventry, East Nantmeal, East Pikeland, East Vincent, North Coventry, South Coventry, Warwick, West Pikeland, West Vincent). As of May 2012 all 9 communities have adopted the Park, Recreation and Open Space plan see for the final plan details.

There is $9,600 in extra state planning funds of the Federation that are held in trust by the “lead municipality” East Vincent.

On Tuesday at 4:45 PM at East Vincent Township (262 Ridge Road, Spring City, PA )the Board of Supervisors is to hold a discussion on extending this grant for one more year and adjusting the scope of services to allow the continuation of this high priority planning effort. At the previous Board of Supervisors meeting the two other supervisors  (Mark Dunphy and Jane Peronteau) did not support the continuation of the planning process. They prefer to turn this hard earned money back to the State! They could refuse to send the request to the state.

It is critical that you come and voice your support to have these funds stay here in our region and be put to use to continue our planning efforts.

If you want to have a sports complex in our region and support our kids having a quality place to play sports in the future, it is really critical you attend this meeting and prevent them from returning the funds to the state.

Chris McNeil

Background Facts from the Plan:

The need for more fields is well documented in the Plan. The regional athletic leagues currently support 4,050 youth participants in 253 teams in 18 leagues playing on 12 public fields. We need 13 more flat fields, 19 more diamond fields for practice, games and field maintenance (rest). The region is deficient by 50% in meeting the need for fields for the sports league activities. Selection of two new regional sports complex facilities will be a vital element of a successful planning process.

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